7. December, 2011

On Sunday, December 11 are held the finals of Estonian Junior Handler Championship. The second breed for them to present is a Labrador Retriever but the problem is that we don’t have enough dogs for that and the competition is in few days! So, everybody who are willing to give their Labrador Retriever for this purpose, please contact in time

Important to know:

The finals are held on Tallinn Song Festival Grounds (indoors). The dogs must arrive at show grounds not later than at 10:45 am. Organizers need to know the dogs name & owners phone number.

The dogs doesn’t have to be registered for Puppy & Veteran Show held on the same day and ground. Owner(s) are only needed to bring the dog(s) and stay for the finals.

  • The dog must have show experience.
  • The dog must be vaccinated in terms.
  • The dogs must be friendly and not aggressive or shy.

If interested, please contact by e-mail: juhatus@retriiverid.ee.

We appreciate all for your help!

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