7. August, 2011

On August 6th 2011 another Estonian Retrievers Qualifying Test (NOU) was held, and this time with an amazing result – all 11 dogs (9 Labrador Retrievers and 2 Golden Retrievers, included 2 dogs from Latvia and 1 dog from Lithuania) passed the test! Judge was Risto Aaltonen from Finland.

Qualified on the Field:

Dogs name Breed D.o.B Handler Owner(s)
Dali Jakima Lucky Golden Retriever 28.11.2009 Andreijs Bakulenko Andreijs Bakulenko
Sophie For Dolbia Sykstus Labrador Retriever 4.09.2010 Marilis Saul Marilis Saul
My Brand Jazz Man Do Labrador Retriever 10.07.2010 Made Balbat Made Balbat & H.-M. Zahharov
My Brand June Bug Labrador Retriever 10.07.2010 Geito Oolo Britta Puusepp & H.-M. Zahharov
My Brand Jazz Del Mar Labrador Retriever 10.07.2010 Piret Gross Piret Gross & H.-M. Zahharov
Follies Funny Finn Labrador Retriever 20.08.2009 Evelin Heinlo Evelin Heinlo
Follies Ivar Labrador Retriever 1.08.2009 Evelin Heinlo Evelin Heinlo
Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf Labrador Retriever 31.10.2009 Liene Melke Liene Mielke
Linksmasis Gongas Basteta Golden Retriever 24.08.2010 Aleksandras Žigilėjus Milda Žigilėjienė

Pictures on ERTÜ’s Facebook page.

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