7. August, 2011

On August 6th 2011 another Estonian Retrievers Qualifying Test (NOU) was held, and this time with an amazing result – all 11 dogs (9 Labrador Retrievers and 2 Golden Retrievers, included 2 dogs from Latvia and 1 dog from Lithuania) passed the test! Judge was Risto Aaltonen from Finland.

Qualifyed (test with dummy):

Dogs name Breed D.o.B Handler Owner
Forest Fan Rea Rosaria Labrador Retriever 6.04.2009 R. Kuhi-Thalfeldt Maarika Lauringson
Tealway Guide To Life Labrador Retriever 2.10.2007 Gea Mühlberg Gea Mühlberg

Pictures on ERTÜ’s Facebook page.

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