13. March, 2018

Official Retrievers Working Test (WT) was held on 10th of March 2018. Organized by Estonian Retrievers Society. Honorable judges were Tomi Sarkkinen and Miso Sipola from Finland. Location: Kauksi, Ida-Virumaa, Estonia.

Also great trainings on March 8-9th with Yulia Vershinina from Russia and March 11th with Tomi Sarkkinen and Miso Sipola were held.


All results (PDF).

Beginners class:

  1. In Black We Trust Basteta, labradori ret., ALG1, 91 p
  2. Dutch Consolidation Quadrille, kuldne ret.,  ALG 1, 89 p
  3. Eo Ipso Magnum Opus, kuldne ret., ALG 1, 86 p

Open class:

  1. Eagle Owl’s Vivida, labradori ret., AVA1, 81 p
  2. Bell Oktave Belka, kuldne ret., AVA2, 75 p
  3. Barghest Dark Lavondyss, labradori ret., 63 p

Winners class:

  1. Blackthorn Stalker, labradori ret., VÕI1, 89 p
  2. Polarfischer Dumbledore, labradori ret., 50 p
  3. Metsasuharin Jaapuikko, labradori ret., 41 p


Spectators are welcome.
Filming is allowed (except trainings).

WT Schedule:

PS! Later events (open, winners, lunch etc ) start may delay.

8.20 — registration, numbers
8.50 — introduction
9.00 — Beginners class will start (22 participants)

— Open class will start (5 participants)

— Winners class will start (4 participants)

14.00 — Lunch
15.00 — Award ceremony
18.00 — Dinner


Class: Beginners

Class: Open

Class: Winners

Non-official classes:

Judge: Tomi Sarkkinen (Fin) / If more than 20 dogs enter non-official classes then the judge is Yulia Vershinina (Rus).

New! / Class:  Puppy  (non-official)

  • Puppies 8.-18. months or dogs who have not yet passed Retrievers Qualifying Test (NOU).
  • Similar to beginners class but with shorter distances. Dog can be held in lead when going to start.

New! / Class: Veterans (non-offical)

  • Dogs 9+ years
  • Similar to beginners class but with shorter distances.

NB! All dogs must have valid vaccinations (view terms here). Take your dog vaccination book with you.

Spectators are welcome.
Filming is allowed.


All dogs entering must have identification (microchip or tattoo) and have valid vaccinations.

After filling an entry form, you will be sent a confirmation with payment details. If you have any questions, contact us by phone: +372 5804 8468

Please, wait with payment until we have confirmed your entry 🙂 Thank you!

Working test (Beginner, Open, Winner):

Non-official (Puppy, Veteran):


Accommodation at Kauksi Holiday House. Rooms are spacious and for 3-4 persons; no single rooms. Booking only via ERTÜ.

  • Price: 32 €/per night; incl. catering 3x per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • Dog fee: 5 €/all staying.

Group trainings 11.03.2018, trainer is Tomi Sarkkinen:

NB! Trainings are only for dogs who are also taking part of WT. It is possible to take part as a spectator (without dog); filming is not allowed.

Training price with dog:

  • 65 €/day
  • 55 €/day (members of ERTÜ and other Estonian Retrievers club members)

Training price as spectator (without dog):

  • 20 €/day
  • 15 €/day (members of ERTÜ and other Estonian Retrievers club members)

Trainings 8.-9.03.2018:

1.Advanced group (2,5 hours):
Trainer: Yulia Vershinina (Russia). Max 4 dogs per group. Up to 16 dogs can enter
Price: 10 € (cash; pay at training)

2. Individual trainings (30-60 min):
Trainer: Tatjana Zamorskaja, Estonia
Price: 10 € (cash; pay at training)

Stay tuned for info and check also our Facebook event . Info in Google Drive.

About WT

Rules in English: Working Test rules (pdf) A Working Test (WT) is a competition for the purpose of assessing, without game being shot, the working abilities of the various breeds of Retrievers. Canvas dummies are used. The retriever is the shooting man’s indispensable help during a shooting day. The aim of an IWT is to select the best dogs having good temperament, good marking, good use of nose and showing initiative. Handling is to be considered as an indispensable complement to these qualities, keeping the dog steady while walking at heel or at the stand, willing to obey the handler’s instructions when sent for game, which it has not been able to mark.


Our super-sponsors:

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