17. September, 2017

ERTÜ organized two Official Retrievers Field Trials (with cold game), also known as NOME-B on 16.09. and 17.09.2017. Judged by Antti Nurmi from Finland. Location: near Valtu Hunting Cabin, Rapla County.

Info: Kadri Kont-Kontson, e-mail kadri(at)skydive.ee, phone +372 506 5828

Event info in Facebook.

Photos: www.facebook.com/pg/eestiretriiverid/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1654938297915010">Facebook album
Photos: Tatjana Zamorskaja album

16.09.2017 results:

Dogs name Breed Result Handler
In Black We Trust Basteta LR Beginner 1 Milda Žigilėjienė
Chess Sopretty Kayle Kara Goldelse GR Beginner 3 Pille Kurm
Bersifjor Vicenza FCR Beginner 3 Regina Suup
Gypsy´s Soul Rambutan GR Open 1 Külli Laur
Starworkers Risky Business FCR Open 1 Aet Toose
Dutch Consolidation Quadrille GR Open 3 Tatjana Zamorskaja
Belinda Blue-Eyed Babe At Basteta FCR Winner 1=EST RTT CH Milda Žigilėjienė

17.09.2017 results:

Dogs name Breed Result Handler
Akiradestemona GR Beginner 1 Omar Filippov
Bersifjor Vicenza FCR Beginner 1 Regina Suup
In Black We Trust Basteta LR Beginner 2 Milda Žigilėjienė
Star Light Son Hold Up GR Beginner 3 Indrek Truu
Gypsy´s Soul Rambutan GR Open 3 Külli Laur
Starworkers Risky Business FCR Open 1 Aet Toose
Blue-Blooded Captain Basteta FCR Open 3 Tatjana Zamorskaja
Belinda Blue-Eyed Babe At Basteta FCR Winner 3 Milda Žigilėjienė

About Retrievers Field Trials (NOME-B):

Retrievers Field Trials are for Retrievers who have already passed Retrievers Qualifying Test (called also NOU in Finnish). It is to determine their suitability and ability as hunting companions, in waterwork and on land. Overall it is very similar to NOU, but more typical to a real hunting situation.

Retrievers Field Trials have 3 Classes – Beginners, Open and Winners. In every class the Dog can achieve I, II or III grade or fail (no result). Dogs are not ranked by their result.

At least 2 types of cold game (dead birds) are used for search on land; ducks are used for waterwork. Rabbit or a hare is used for tracking (only in Beginners Class for dogs who compete for I grade).

To move up to a higher class, the Dog must have I grade from a lower class. For example: to compete in Beginners class, the Dog must have passed Retrievers Qualifying Test. To compete in Open class, the Dog must have I grade from Beginners Class. And to compete in Winners class, the Dog must have I grade from Open Class. After receiving 3x I grade in Winners Class, the Dog can be called a Field Trial CH.

(It is not possible to enter your Dog in a higher class if the Dog has no previous results from FT; also results from other types of hunting tests are not sufficient for entering a FT).

1. ONLINE entry HERE.

2. Or entry via e-mail to kadrikontkontson (at) gmail.com. Send us:

  • Tests & trials entry form,
  • a copy of dogs pedigree,
  • copy of diplomas from previous tests (only Retrievers qualifying test/NOU or previous NOME-B test),
  • a copy of payment.

Your dog is entered when all your documents have arrived.

NB! Please check if we have received your entry documents. Please also mark your working phone number and e-mail address so we could contact you.

Entry fee

Pay to an account of:

  • Eesti Retriiverite Touuhing
  • IBAN EE84 2200221014171209
  • Bank: Swedbank
  • For explanation write your name and ”Name + Field Trial September 2017“
Price for one day
Members of ERTÜ or other Estonian Retriever breed club 35€
Others 45€

Important to Know

The dog must be identifiable by microchip or by tattoo. The dog must have valid vaccination certificate (take your dogs vaccination book with you). Estonian Retrievers Society observes the vaccination regulations approved by the board of the Estonian Kennel Club.


Near Valtu Hunting Cabin, Rapla County

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