29. August, 2017

Estonian and Baltic states first official Retrievers Working Test was held on 26th of August 2017 in Kauksi, Ida-Virumaa, Estonia. Organized by Estonian Retrievers Society. Honorable judges were Gabor Deak from Hungary and Petteri Hirvonen from Finland

Estonian (and Baltics) first Retrievers Working Test (RWT) is now over – we want to thank you all – competitors, our two judges, assistants and spectators! Estonian Retrievers Society is very grateful to you all. Without you, this event would not have happened – so again, THANK YOU!

We also want to thank our sponsors for awesome gifts for our winners -MINU KOER, HENKELL, SMARTDOG ja BELLA DORATA! And also we want to thank hostess of Kauksi Holiday House, Piret Talistu for her hospitality and catering.  


See more: full results of all WT competitors (pdf).

View photos:
Beginners class (Maria Grigorjeva)
Open and Winners Class (Tatjana Zamorskaja)
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Awarding (Tatjana Zamorskaja, Regina Suup)

Beginners Class

24 dogs entered, 9 dogs were awarded with a rank:

  1. prize – II rank – Huntingsource Alliance (LR), handler: Svechnikova, Liudmila.
  2. prize – II rank – In Black We Trust Basteta (LR), handler: Milda Žigilėjienė.
  3. prize – III rank – Chess Sopretty Kayle Kara Goldelse (GR), handler: Pille Kurm.
  4. prize – III rank – Sidus Aureum August (GR), handler: Dmitry Chulov.
  5. prize – III rank – Starz Merilend Ezhi Piterskiy (FCR), handler: Marina Tenenshtok.
  6. prize – III rank – Way To Heaven Andreas (LR), handler: Maria Grigorjeva.
  7. prize – III rank – Bently (FCR), handler: Svetlana Udovichenko.
  8. prize – III rank – Morris Silver Star (GR), handler: SvetlanaUdovichenko.
  9. prize – III rank – Bersifjor Vicenza (FCR), handler: Regina Suup.

Open Class

5 dogs entered, 4 dogs were awarded with a rank: 

  1. prize – II rank – Bell Oktave Belka (GR), handler: Elizaveta Tokaeva.
  2. prize – III rank – Barghest Dark Lavondyss (LR), handler: Katarzyna Michalak.
  3. prize – II rank – Spiritlane Anagarika (LR), handler: Maria Kacsalova.
  4. prize – III rank – Belinda Blue-Eyed Babe at Basteta (FCR), handler: Milda Žigilėjienė.

Winners Class

2 dogs entered, both were awarded with a rank:

  1. prize – I rank – Polarfischer Dumbledore (LR), handler: Julia Vershinina.
  2. prize – III rank – Blackthorn Stalker (LR), handler: Vera Smirnova.


Info: +372 5804 8468, e-mail tatjana.zamorskaja(ät)gmail.com

Rules in English: Working Test rules (pdf)

Petteri Hirvonen, Finland

Thank you for inviting me to judge the first official Retrievers Working Test held in Estonia.

I have been an active hunter for more than 35 years, and it has been 29 years since our family got our first labrador retriever. Today I am a WT judge, I run my dogs in trials and tests, and go picking up with them actively. But hunting and shooting are still my main passions.

At the moment we have two Golden Retrievers and a Cocker Spaniel in our family. My oldest Golden FI KVA-FT FI KVA Weljesten Geronimo Au is one of the most successful working Goldens ever in Finland. We have represented Finland around Europe in e.g. IWT, Nordic championships, CLA Eurochallenge, and Skinners International Retriever World Cup. He is also the first ever, and at the moment only Finnish Golden Retriever Field Trial champion, and winner of several WT.

I am excited and honored to be offered a chance to judge this historical event. I hope to see a lot of good dog work and wish everybody good luck and success!

Gabor Deak, Hungary

I have dogs since 1986. I started with guard dogs, I was a trainer for 8 years. I worked not only with hobby dog owners, but for special forces too.

I got my first labrador in 2011 – Blackthorn Kalea „Zorka”. We run on many working tests and field trials on open level. With my life partner, Niki, we established our kennel called Huntingsource. We made up an International Field Trial Champion , Blackthorn Hiram, who also was an ÖRC champion. Zorka’s best FT result is res.CACIT. Zorka and Hiram have several WT victories and trophies in open class too.

Our dogs also were members of the Hungarian team on the Skinner’s World Cup in 2016, and we hope, we can start in 2017 too. I participated on the ICC in 2016. We kept 4 pups from our Huntingsource “A” litter, so we train them and of course we run with them in Hungary and in Austria. We compete with 6 dogs.

I am a hunter, so I use our dogs in the hunting season also. I have experience with not only the ’theory’ of the gundog training but the daily use too. We participate on 20-30 shooting days (pigeon, pheasant, hare, duck….) per season.

Enter your dog: ONLINE HERE

Deadline is 05.08.2017 or til places left. NB! There will be no entry on the day of event.

Entry fee: is 40€ per dog.

Pay to account of:

  • Eesti Retriiverite Touuhing
  • IBAN EE842200221014171209
  • Swedbank
  • for explanation write „WT august 2017 + participants name

Accommodation at the WT venue www.kauksipuhkemaja.ee.


  • Price is 20€ per person/one night with breakfast.
  • Additional price for dog’s accomodation is 5 € (the whole staying)
  • Pre-order order your meals: lunch 4.50€ and dinner 6.50€.

All questions and orders about accommodation and meals will be discussed with each participant individually by mail after entry.

Group training day at 27. august 2017. Trainer is Gabor Deak (Hungary).

Training entry is only by email tatjana.zamorskaja@gmail.com.

Entry fee is 65 eur per dog.

We have only places for 10, but if we will have some more interests to WT and training it is possible to invite one more judge and trainer.


Our event main sponsor is Lemmikloomade kauplus MINU KOER.

Minu koer  www.budampex.eu/et/">

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