19. August, 2014

The Estonian Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Society and the Estonian Retriever Society are organizing a Retrievers Qualifying Test (NOU1), a Retrievers Qualifying Test with Dummies and a Field Trial (NOME-B) during 16.-17.05.2015! The judge will be Petri Tuominen from Finland. The location of the trials is still being decided. The registration will be opened in the spring of 2015!

The Retrievers Qualifying Test with Dummies result can only be used to register an Estonian show champion title.

If a dog has gotten a champion title in NOME-B in another country then they only need one NOME-B Winners class I grade in Estonia to achieve the Estonian title (EST RT CH)!

If you have any additional questions please contact us via e-mail: aet(at)mercurial.pri.ee.

Categories: Field Trial with cold game (NOME-B), work, Qualifying test (NOU), Upcoming events

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