4. November, 2010

” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/labi_logo.gif” alt=”ERTÜ logo” height=”70″ />Aeg: reede, 03.06.2011. Näitus algab kell 14:00
Koht: Luige baas, Harjumaa.
Kohtunik: Mr Manuel Queijeiro (kennel Queijeiro, Mehhiko).

NB! Laupäeval toimub Tallinnas retriiverite erinäitus ja pühapäeval rahvusvaheline näitus Eesti Võitja 2011.

ERTÜ logoDate: 03.06.2011 (Friday). The show will start at 14:00.
Location: Luige, Harjumaa, Estonia.
Judge: Mr Manuel Queijeiro (kennel Queijeiro, Mexico)

NB! On following Saturday there will be Retrievers Specialty and on Sunday an International Dog Show Estonian Winner 2011.

Show is sponsored by Caramira pet foods. 

Entering your dog

Send documents via e-mail naitus@retriiverid.ee or by post „LABRADOR SPECIALTY“ Välja tee 9A, Suurupi, Harjumaa 76907, ESTONIA:

  1. filled registration entry form,
  2. a copy of dogs pedigree,
  3. a copy of payment. .

NB! Please check if the documents have arrived!

Entry fee

Pay the fee to the bank account of Eesti Retriiverite Tõuühing in Swedbank. SWIFT/BIC HABAEE2X, IBAN: EE84 2200 2210 1417 1209 with clarification of the dogs name and „specialty show“. The copy of the payment must be attached to the registration application!

* “Members” are the members of Estonian Retrievers Society.

until 30.04.2011 1.-8.05.2011
Junior, Intermediate, Open, Working & Champion Class Members 26 €
Others 29 €
50 €
Baby, Puppy & Veteran Class Member 13 €
Others 16 €
30 €
Veterans over 10 years FREE OF CHARGE!
Brace, Breeders & Progeny competitions FREE OF CHARGE!
The discount for second, third etc dog
* Valid only when entering the dogs at the same time
-2 €

Special deal for breeders:

  1. If 5-9 dogs from your breeding are entering the show, then you can enter your owned dogs with 50% discount!
  2. If 10 and more dogs from your breeding are entering the show, you can enter your owned dogs FOR FREE!


Haita-Maarit Zahharov, naitus@retriiverid.ee, tel +372 50 40 116.
Advertising in the catalogue, contact brittapuusepp@gmail.com, tel +372 50 29 384.

The show committee has the right to change the judge if needed.

Other requirements

All dogs participating the show or other competitions in Estonia must have a valid certificate of vaccination against Distemper (must vaccinated at least twice, vaccination is valid for one year) and Rabies (must be vaccinated earliest at the age of 12 weeks, vaccination is valid up to two years). In case of the first vaccination or expired vaccination, at least 30 days must have passed between the day of vaccination and the day of the show/competition. All dogs must have an ID-marking (tattoo or microchip).

WELCOME to the Show!


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