26. November, 2004

From summer 2004 new rules for Est Ch title were approved. This includes a new rule for all hunting breed dogs.

Only hunting test for water bird and bloodtracking are accepted as working tests, they are organized only by Estonian Hunting Dog Society. Official working test results from other countries are also accepted. Dog who has passed any accepted working test can be entered at dog shows to Working Class.

ERTÜ and EKRÜ have formed a discussion group, together with Estonian Huntsmen Society and Estonian Hunting Dog Society, to find better solutions for rules currently approved, and to present updates to the board of Estonian Kennel Union.

From Finnish Kennel Union  they also apply approving results of working tests passed in Estonia, so it would be possible to take part NOME and MEJÄ competitions, and to approve Fin Ch title.

Members of discussion group are: ERTÜ members: Evelin Heinlo, Koit Lattik, Riin Kooli-Kõnnussaar, Monica Sikk, Kätlin Tammann; EKRÜ members: Mairi Siimon, Ingrid Hein and Piret Jõhvik from Club “Golden Friends”.

Categories: hunting tests, Dog Show, Field Trial with cold game (NOME-B), work, Qualifying test (NOU)

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