10. November, 2008

Date: 09.11.2008.
Location: Tallinn.
Judge: Gunilla Ek (UK), kennel Attikonak.
Participants: 61 dogs.

Judges crtitique at the end of results. Pictures: here

Baby Class (4-6 months)

1. BOB B, PP Leonhard
2. PP, Merrilow Damaskus

Puppy Class (6-9 months)

1. BOSK, PP Forest Fan Pontius Pilatus 1. BOB KUTS, PP Kanga Gorska Fantazija
2. EAH, Black Floyd Free Born
3. Wizard’s Creec Xpectation

Junior Class (9-18 months)

EXC/1 BOB JUN, Jun CAC, BD-1, BOS My Brand Esquire EXC/1 BOS, JUN Jun CAC Silronray’s Cerise
EXC/2 Guideline’s Tiranti Solid VG/2 My Brand Extravaganza
EXC/3 Elvendor Elf the Second VG/3 My Brand Bedtime Story
EXC/4 Adventurer’s Second to None VG/4 Real Persons Viva Victoria for Adventurer’s

Veteran Class

EXC/1 BOB VET Blondess Empire Businesslady
EXC/2 Forest Fan Amanda

Intermediate Class (15-24 months)

EXC/1 SR4 Farbourne’s Black to the Future EXC/1 BB-4, SR4 My Brand Immaterial Girl
EXC/2 Adventurer’s Lanson EXC/2 Forest Fan Moira
VG/3 Forest Fan Nestor

Open Class

EXC/1 BD-2, SR1, CAC Bubbling Xerox EXC/1 BB-2, SR2, CAC Soft Soul Arabella Deia
EXC/2 BD-3, SR2 Fine Label Liberty Lennon EXC/2 Rocheby Liberty Belle
EXC/3 My Brand Pretty Much EXC/3 Mallorn’s Rosabrandy
EXC/4 Juht Ivor

Working Class

EXC/1 Elvendor Elf the First EXC/1 Elvendor Escort Girl
EXC/2 Saskian Akela
VG/3 Fine Label Lord Lancelot

CH Class

EXC/1 BD-4, SR3 Adventurer’s Taittinger EXC/1 BOB , BB-1, SR1 Mallorn’s Elysee
EXC/2 Wild Dancer’s Billy Boy EXC/2 BB-3, SR3 Reval Dream Cinderella Fairytale
EXC/3 Loresho Lun-A
Breeders Class :
EXC/1 Kennel My Brand, Haita-Maarit Zahharov
EXC/2 Kennel Elvendor, Monica Merima

Ottertail Competition:

Mallorn’s Elysee  

Brace Competition:

EXC/1 Fine Label Liberty Lennon & Reval Dream Cinderella Fairytale

Judges opinion of Specialty Show:

I would like to thank all the exhibitors for takeing my decisions in such a sportmanlike way as that makes all the difference to create such good and relaxed atmosphere we did have.

TP koer ja kohtunik

Judge (at right) with BOB dog

There were some really top class dogs that could win anywhere in the world and in some cases it was just ‘hairsplitting’ between the winners and the others in the line up. In some cases the heads seems a bit strange and also some had very round eyes, not really what the breedstandard calls for. I also think some breeders have to watch that their stock don´t get too small and trying to keep the specimen within the required messure for males and bitches. One thing that I am very serious about is the layback of shoulders with a wellangulated and long upperarm, as that makes such different in the whole conformation of the dog, not to forget that some are still working their dogs and when out doing that and the dog is jumping all it´s weight comes down on it´s front and therefore it´s such important to have the essentials for the layback of shoulders. Most of the dogs had a very good quality of coat, which I did found although some were dead out of coat. Most of the dogs had a good tailset, as if the tail is set far too low, it makes the dog unbalanced both standing and on the move.

I know you are all pretty much new in the breed, but you have come far and it looks like you knows what you are aming for and that is something to go on working with. I wish you all a bright future with your dogs and hopefully we will see you out in the Europe in the future!! Good luck!

Gunilla Ek

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