15. April, 2014

Specialty Show (CAC) for Labrador Retrievers In Savastvere, Tartu county on the 2nd of August 2014.  Judge: Mrs MARGARET BROWN, Scotland Kennel Ramsayville

(The committee reserves the right to make changes in extraordinary circumstances)


+372 534 57359 (Kertu Tombak), e-mail naitus(at)retriiverid.ee and website http://www.retriiverid.ee.

Shoc schedule:

10.00 – entry to the showgrounds, Veterinary check-up, handing out the participant numbers

10.00 – 11.00 – show training for puppies and beginners (preregistration!)

11:30 – opening of the show, judging starts

RING 1, Labrador Retrievers (73). Judge Margaret Brown (SCO)

14.00 LUNCH

14.00-14.30 Additional Compeitions: Man & dog, Child & Dog. Judge: Maarja Kalma, Est.

14:30 – show continues.

Best of Breed

  • Best Breeder
  • Best Progeny
  • Best Brace
  • Best Otter tail
  • Awarding of Breeder’s Prizes


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 Dimela         Specific


58.610458, 27.069032 (Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/88QdJ)

From Tartu head towards Alatskivi/Kallaste about 45 km. When driving from Tallinn we recommend coming through Rakvere.

Important to know:

All dogs entering the showground must have a valid certificate of vaccination against distemper and rabies. Distemper vaccinations are valid one year, rabies vaccinations 2 years. In case of the first vaccination or expired vaccination, at least 30 days must have passed between the day of vaccination and the day of the show/competition.

Please remember to take the vaccination certificate with you.

You can collect your participant numbers on show day from the information desk. Before entering the ring, please fasten the participant number so the ring-steward can check it.

The show is taking place in an area where might have been wild animals and ticks, we recommend taking precautionary means.

All dogs, born after 01.01.2000, must have either tattoo or a microchip.

Using any substances that affect the color or structure of the skin, coat or nose of the dog is forbidden.

Show Classes:

Baby Class – for dogs 4-6 months, the Best of Breed Baby is selected.

Puppies Class – for dogs 6-9 months, Best of Breed Puppy is selected.

Junior Class – for dogs 9-18 months. Do not compete for C.A.C; compete for Junior C.A.C. Best of Breed Junior is selected.

Veteran class – for dogs older than 8 years, do not compete for C.A.C. Best of Breed Veteran is selected.

Intermediate Class – for dogs 15-24 months, compete for C.A.C and Best of Breed.

Open Class – for dogs older than 15 months, compete for C.A.C and Best of Breed.

Working Class – for dogs older than 15 months, compete for C.A.C and Best of Breed. The entry form must be accompanied by a copy of the F.C.I. compulsory certificate containing the confirmation that the dog has passed the test as well as details about this test. It must be ensured that the result of this working test is valid in accordance with F.C.I. regulations.

Champion Class – for dogs older than 15 month, compete for C.A.C and Best of Breed. International Champion of the F.C.I. or National Champion title must have been confirmed. Proof of this, by copy, must be enclosed with the entry form.

Breeders Class – for a breeder of four dogs of the same breed. Dogs must come from at least two different litters and must have won at least second grade in quality judging. Compete for Best of Breed Breeder’s Class.

Progeny Class – for four descendents of a stud dog or a bitch. Dogs must come from at least two different litters and must have won at least second grade in quality judging. Compete for Best of Breed Progeny Class.

Brace Competition – for a male and a female dog of the same breed owned by the same owner. Required at least third grade in quality judging.

Ottertail Competition – for choosing the best Ottertail in Labrador Retrievers.

Child & Dog – competition for choosing the best child handler

Man & Dog – competition for choosing the best male handler

Registration fees must be paid in full amount to Estonian Retriever Club account: Swedbank IBAN EE842200221014171209 (Eesti Retriiverite Touuhing MTU).

Member of ERTÜ

Member of ERTÜ

10 €

13 €

60 €



60 €

Dog25 €

20 €32 €

27 €

15 €

22 €

60 €

Breeder / progenyFreeFree–

Until 06.06.2014 07.06.–05.07.2014 06.07.–13.07.2014
Non-memeber Non-member
Baby, puppy, veteran 15 € 18 € 60 €
Veteran +10 15 € 18 € 60 €
2nd, 3rd etc dog 20 € 27 € 60 €
Braces 5 € 5 €
Child and dog 3 € 3 €
Man and dog 3 € 3 €

*Price for members of the Estonian Retrivers Society

NB!1 2nd dog discount is valid only when the first dog is not registered in baby-, puppy-, or veteranclass.

NB!2 Registrating after 05.07 ALL DOGS 60 €!

BREEDERS DISCOUNT! (until 06.06.2014) Register at least 5 dogs from the same breeder (not necessarily same owner), you’ll get a discount of –50% for your own dogs! Register 10 dogs for the show at one time, then the price is 15 € for each dog!


Please pay registration fee to Eesti Retriiverite Touuhing IBAN EE84 220022101417 1209 Swedbank, S.W.I.F.T. HABAEE2X and send entry form with copy of the pedigree and copy of the bank receipt by mail to address: Ranna tee 1a-9, 51008 Tartu or e-mail: naitus(at)retriiverid.ee.

Attention: When paying from abroad, add extra 6 EUR for bank transfer fee!

About the Judge

Margaret Brown at Finnish LRC Main Specialty 2010 with her BIS dog Follies Ivar (owned by Evelin Heinlo, Estonia)

Margaret Brown at Finnish LRC Main Specialty 2010 with her BIS dog Follies Ivar (owned by Evelin Heinlo, Estonia)

Margaret Brown has owned Labradors since 1973. Ramsayville dogs have won over 100 CC’s & Res CC’s over the years.

Kennel Ramsayville works as a team – Margaret, her husband Andrew and daughter Mairi all play an important role. Ramsayville’s main breed is Labrador but they have also had success in the Pointer & Beagle ring.

Her passion for dogs is best described in her own words: „I have heard some people say that if they were to win the lottery they would give up dogs and fly off to some Caribbean island. We love our dogs and the life they give us. Even without any of the success, I am sure our home would still be filled with dogs. My husband, Andrew is sure that if he had four legs and a tail he would be loved much more. Perhaps!“

Her passion for dogs has given her the opportunity to judge all over the world. This will be her first time to jugde labradors in Estonia.

Advertisement in catalogue:

For advertisement prices and other information please contact Kadri Kaasik; kadri.kaasik(at)gmail.com Deadline: 05.07.2014

Dogs travelling from abroad!

There is a whole week full of shows for Labrador retrievers in Estonia and Finland!

Great show-week for Labrador retrievers:

  • 02.08 – Speciality show for Labrador retrievers, Tartu county
  • 06.08 – Speciality show for Labrador retrievers, Helsinki
  • 07.08 – Speciality show for all retrievers, Helsinki
  • 08.08 – World Winner Dog Show, Helsinki

Estonian Retrievers Society 15th anniversary! Come and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Retrievers Club in Estonia in Summer Camp 2014!

From the 2nd to 3rd of August fun activities, speciality show, seminars etc in Savastvere, Tartumaa!

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