22. June, 2016

Entry is opened for CAC Specialty Show for Labrador Retrievers on Friday, August 19. Judge: Marilyn Nightingale, kennel Boothgate (UK) and judge in reserve, David Nightingale kennel Boothgate (UK). Venue: Jõelähtme park (Kivisilla 2, Jõelähtme village, Jõelähtme county). Organizer: ELRTÜ.

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elry-logoInfo: www.

Raija Raun, +372 505 2242, show(ät)labrador.ee (EST, ENG, FIN).

Natalja Stankevits-Melnikova, +372 501 8057, show(ät)labrador.ee (EST, RUS).

Show is drive-in.
The committee reserves the right to change judges in extraordinary circumstances.
Estonian Kennel Union show regulations are followed.


E-maili: show(ät)labrador.ee,
Posti: Raija Raun, Ihita tee 3, Kaberneeme küla, Jõelähtme 74211.

Requirements for Entrants

All dogs entering show grounds must have a valid certificate of vaccination against Distemper, Rabies, Parvovirus infection (canine) and Hepatitis infection (canine). Learn more about vaccination requirements.

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