30. November, 2015

Results are a combination of BIS and BIG placements from Estonian all breed shows (CAC). A candidate could take part of multiple categories; in a category only up to 7 results are counted.

All top show dog results are: here.

Results of Retrievers:

Show Veteran 2015:

III – Gypsy’s Soul Heartbreaker (Curly Coated Retriever), owner: Kalvo Kriisk

IV – Siimline’s Theodor (Golden Retriever), owner: Priit Alekand & Kersti Paju

Show Dog 2015:

VI. – Gypsy’s Soul Heartbreaker (Curly Coated Retriever), owner: Kalvo Kriisk

13.  – Starworkers Risky Business (Flat-Coated Retriever), owner: Aet Toose

34. – Tawastway’s Snowholic (Labrador Retriever), owner: Haita-Maarit Zahharov

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Show Junior 2015:

12. – Tawastway’s Snowholic (Labrador Retriever), owner: Haita-Maarit Zahharov

23.-29. – Soft Soul Easy To Care (Golden Retriever), owner: Age Kala

30.-34. – Amicita End Game (Golden Retriever), owner: Kadi Haljand

Best Breeder 2015:

V – kennel Siimline’s, Kersti Paju & Marika Paju

13.-14. – kennel Double Flame, Merike Kalle

15. – kennel Meiepere, Karis Saarniit

16.-17.  – kennel Bella Dorata, Margot Tamberg & Katri Tõnisson

21.-22. – kennel Cayring, Ingrid Hein




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