10. July, 2022





Timetable and program

8:30     Entry to the show ground

9:45       Opening of the show, judging will begin


Ring 1, judge Manuel Queijeiro, Mexico               

10:00    Labrador retriever (babies, puppies, males) (60)

13:00    Lunch break

14:00    Labradori retriever (females) (40)


Ring 2, judge Jos De Cuyper, Belgium

10:00    Flat coated retriever (18)

Golden retriever (babies, puppies, males) (36)

13:00    Lunch break

14:00    Golden retriever (females) (16)

Chesapeake Bay retriever (4)

Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever (4)

Curly coated retriever (4)

BEST IN SHOW competition will begin after both rings have finished judging.


On the same day there are happenings close to the show ground:


  • retriever breeds and their clubs introduction,
  • kids corner with exciting games and crafts,
  • obedience, rally obedience, water rescue, gundog work and breed trials, agility and tricks demonstrations,
  • charity lottery to support Estonian teams at the International Official Working Tests in 2023,
  • photo corner
  • dogs behaviour expert Sirje Vets gives advice to those interested
  • Ehedik food-truck offers some quality food and drinks
  • Minu Koer pet shop will open a booth at the show ground to offer everything necessary for retrievers and their owners.


Welcome to the retrievers day and speciality show!


Retrievers speciality 4.09.2022
Kõltsu manor, Vaskussi tee 19, Laulasmaa, 76702 Harju, Estonia


Information: Kätlin Kullerkupp, phone +372 5647 8822, e-mail naitus@retriiverid.ee 

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Manuel Queijeiro (Mexico)
Labrador retriever (122)


Jos DeCuyper, (Belgium)
Golden retriever (111)
Flat Coated Retriever (121)
Chesapeake Bay Retriever (263)
Curly Coated Retriever (110)
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (312)


In same weekend will be held

3.09.2022 Golden retriever specialty show + FCI gr 8 show  Puhja, Tartumaa, Estonia



NEW! ONLINE ENTRIES! online.kennelliit.ee

Required documents for registration by email:

  • correctly filled entry-form
  • copy of pedigree
  • copy of payment
  • copy of working certificate if dog entered to working class
  • copy of champion title if dog entered to champion class

By E-mail: naitus@retriiverid.ee

By post: Retriiverite erinäitus, Aruheina tee 12, Suurupi 76907 Harjumaa, Eesti

NB! Only the transfers and documents received on time will be taken into account!


All entry-fees must be paid:

  • Recipient: Eesti Retriiverite Tõuühing
  • Bank: Swedbank, S.W.I.F.T. HABAEE2X
  • IBAN account: EE842200221014171209
until 22.08.2022
baby, puppy, veteran 30 EUR
10 years and older veterans  free
dog 40 EUR
2nd, 3rd etc dog of same owner* 35 EUR
breeders and progeny class free
braces 15 EUR
CHILD& DOG competition

Judge Maarja Kalma

10 EUR

Registration to the show after 22.08.2022 is possible until the catalogue is ready and it’s technically possible to add dog to catalogue –  65 eurot/dog. Before registration please contact +372 5647 8822.

NB! “Same owner’s 2nd dog” discount is valid only when the first dog isn’t competing in baby, puppy or veteran class

NB! Breeders class and progeny class (if sire or dam is entered to show) will be entered by automatically!


Baby class 4 – 6 months, Best of Breed Baby will be chosen
Puppy class 6 – 9 months, Best of Breed Puppy will be chosen
Junior class 9 – 18 months, don’t compete for CAC. Compete for Junior CAC, BOB junior and BOB
Intermediate class 15 – 24 months, compete for CAC and BOB
Open class from 15 months, compete for CAC and BOB
Working class from 15 months, compete for CAC and BOB. Working certificate required for registration (must be attached to the entry form)
Champion class from 15 months, compete for CAC and BOB. Certificate of the title required for registration (must be attached to the entry form)
Veteran class from 8 years, don’t compete for CAC. Compete for Veteran CAC, BOB veteran and BOB
Progeny class 3-5 offspring of a stud dog or brood bitch. All the offspring must come from at least two different combinations of stud and bitch and must receive at least VG (very good) at this show. Best of Breed progeny class will be chosen
Breeders class 3-5 dogs of the same breeder. Dogs must come from at least two different combinations of stud and bitch and must receive at least VG (very good) at this show. Best of Breed breeders class will be chosen
Braces a male and female dog of the same owner who must receive at least VG (very good) at this show. Best of Breed brace will be chosen



  • This is a public event where people might take pictures and film, and make these pictures and videos public
  • The results of the show are public and may be used to store statistics and history
  • The data questioned by the participant when entering for the show is used for the organization of the exhibition


Nearest dog friendly accomodation (500m from the show ground) in LaSpa Laulasmaa hotell


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