Date: Saturday, 02.06.2018 12:00 Venue: Luige show grounds (Luige baas, Luige alevik, Kiili vald, Harjumaa, 75404) Organizer: Estonian Golden Retrievers Society Judges Chantal Varaine, France (kennel Du Pays De Boheme) – golden retriever, chesapeake bay retriever; Carina Östman, Sweden (kennel Caci’s) – labrador retriever, flat coated retriever, nova scotia retriever, curly coated retriever

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Estonian Retrievers Society welcomes you to Retrievers working test camp on 20.-25. August 2017 in Kauksi, Estonia. Trainers are Yulia Vershinina from Russia and Maria Kachalova from Hungary. / Places are FULL / A week full of professional trainings with other Retriever-fanciers!

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ERTÜ is organizing Official Retrievers Field Trials, NOME-B (with gold game) on 27. May and 28. May 2017. Two tests are held. Judge is Petri Tuominen from Finland.

ERTÜ is organizing an Official Retrievers Qualifying Tests (cold game/dummy) on July 1st, 2017. Judge is Tuija Hukkanen from Finland. Location: Järveotsa lake at Ellamaa Harjumaa. At cold game test pheasants are used on searching grounds, ducks are used for waterwork, hare/rabbit is used for trail tracking. Only dummies are used at dummytest.

The Estonian Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Society and the Estonian Retriever Society are organizing a Retrievers Qualifying Test (NOU1), a Retrievers Qualifying Test with Dummies and a Field Trial (NOME-B) during 16.-17.05.2015! The judge will be Petri Tuominen from Finland.