22. April, 2017

ERTÜ is organizing an Official Retrievers Qualifying Tests (cold game/dummy) on July 1st, 2017. Judge is Tuija Hukkanen from Finland. Location: Järveotsa lake at Ellamaa Harjumaa.

At cold game test pheasants are used on searching grounds, ducks are used for waterwork, hare/rabbit is used for trail tracking. Only dummies are used at dummytest.

Info: e-mail kadri@skydive.ee, phone +372 506 5828. Facebook event.

Katri Tõnisson, e-mail katri@nutrimedical.ee, phone +372 520 2353


Until places left (16). Exact location and time will be announced after the end of entry period.

1.You can apply by ONLINE ENTRY FORM.

2.Or send us documents by e-mail:

Send your documents via e-mail to kadri@skydive.ee. Your dog is entered when all the documents have arrived.
NB! Please check that your documents have been received by the organizer. Please also mark your working phone number and e-mail address so we could contact you.


Pay to “Eesti Retriiverite Touuhing IBAN EE84 2200221014171209 Swedbank, S.W.I.F.T. HABAEE2X”, for explanation write your name and ”Retrievers Test + July 2017″.

Member of some Estonian retriever club Others
35 € 45 €

Important to Know

At cold game test pheasants are used. Dummies are used at dummytest.

The dog must be identified by a microchip or by a tattoo. The dog must have all vaccinations done by the rules of EKU (same as dog shows in Estonia; new rules from 01.01.2016). Please take your dogs vaccination book with you.

Rules in English can be found HERE (test with cold game).


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