Judge: Riin Kooli-Kõnnussaar (EST). 

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Judeg was Ari-Pekka Fontell from Finland. 

Judge: Ari-Pekka Fontell (FIN). 2 dogs out of 7 passed the test.

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EKRÜ organizes on Saturday, May 28,2016 Retrievers Qualifying Tests (NOU) with dummy and Test with cold game. Judge: Riin Kooli-Kõnnussaar from Estonia. Locationt: South-Estonia. More info and entry soon. 

Judging: Niko Hiltunen, Finland. Location: Ellamaa.

Judge was Niko Hiltunen, Finland. Location: Ellamaa. 

Judge Riin Kooli-Kõnnussaar, Estonia.