The original aim for dog shows was to help breeders to evaluate their stock and thus promote quality breeding. Not forgetting this purpose, nevertheless most of the people who show their dogs today are common dog-owners who regard showing as a nice hobby.

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Estonian CAC and CACIB Show info at Estonian Kennel Union homepage.

Important to Know Before Entering Estonian Dog Shows:

Upcoming Specialty Shows (CAC) and 8. Group Shows (CAC):

09.02.20198. & 9. Group Show (CAC)Maja Bubalo, HRHarju mkEKRÜ
09.02.2019Golden Retrievers Specialty Show (CAC)Susanna Zubair (UK),
Melissa Loverock (UK)
Harju mkEKRÜ
01.06.2019Retrievers Specialty Show (CAC)-Harju mkEKRÜ
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